Book 3: World War II, The Navajo Wind Talkers

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Join the Little Wanderers as they go back in time to the year 1945, a defining year in American History! They will learn first-hand about the war effort at home as they do their part at home to support the brave American soldiers overseas. The Little Wanderers get a chance to talk to a real war hero and learn about the Navajo Wind Talkers.

Could we have won World War II without the help of the Navajo Wind Talkers or the people at home? Maybe, but, let’s see how we won the war with them!

Papa Lemon’s Little Wanderers are in for another exciting and valuable history lesson when Kaya’s uncle Walter comes into town with a truck full of memorabilia. Curious children start asking numerous questions and in this way, they find out about World War II, the soldiers and the women and children who stayed behind.
Uncle Walter tells the children more about the Navajo Talkers whose obscure language proved very useful and lifesaving during the war. The highlight of the adventure was a trip to the factory were the war times were re-created so the children could see with their own eyes what they were just told.
The book shows, in a very captivating way, a part of history that not everyone can or wants to talk about. War is never an easy subject for discussion but somehow we need to educate our children about it because in the end, they are going to be the one making the important decisions.
The pictures made the book even more interesting and encouraging. I hope when mydaughter grows to be big enough to read, she will reach the Papa Lemon’s series and will get pulled into the world of exciting but underestimated history.
Armchair Interviews says: The casual way the story was told makes it less scary for those who are more sensitive.

Armchair Interviews,