School Visits

I would love to visit your school or organization and talk about my grandfather Papa Lemon and the importance of family history!

My preference is a 2-day 60 minute per session visit. Here are more details:

During Day 1 students will do the following:

  • Learn how a book is created from start to finish.
  • Gain an understanding about the importance of family history.
  • Literacy development will occur because students will read a Papa Lemon Book prior to the author visit.
  • Visual aspects of the author presentation include Papa Lemon’s Hat and Papa Lemon Doll.
  • Students will be asked to create a short story about a family member or someone relevant in history.


During Day 2 students will:

  • Share their stories with the author and each other.

Please contact us for additional information/questions and pricing.

The Papa Lemon Books meet the Minnesota ELA/Social Studies standard and have a 3rd grade reading level.