Meet the Team

Meet the Author, Lehman Riley

The timeframe was May, 1992. That’s when I began my journey of writing children’s books featuring my grandfather as the main character. It’s been a long road, with interesting twists and turns along the way! I’m committed to share my books with youth and grandparents too. I feel honored that I’m able to keep my grandparents legacy alive. I truly believe Papa Lemon and Mama Sarah would be proud!

My name is Lehman Riley and I currently reside in Minneapolis, Minnesota with my wife Tracy and my four children, DuVale, Nareece, Andrea, and Tianna.

Lehman Riley
Author and Co-Business Owner

Meet the Co-Business Owner, Paul Dixon

Matter of Africa America Time Corp., an Independent Publisher, was established in Minneapolis, Minnesota, by Lehman Riley and Paul Dixon in July 2004. The company was created in order to publish “The Adventures of Papa Lemon’s Little Wanderers” children’s book series.

The company’s mission is “Making Multi-Cultural History Fun.”

Papa Lemon will help teach children about our great country’s diverse heritage with the use of his magical train.

Paul Dixon
Co-Business Owner