From Schools

Mr. Riley offers a unique and engaging perspective for students.  We watched our students become captivated and inspired by Mr. Riley’s stories and the reflective questions they produced.  Mr. Riley brings an authentic, real world, and introspective approach to learning that has impacted our students beyond the time frame he directly worked with them.

Chris Bellmont, Principal, Gideon Pond Elementary School

Life is sweet when your children read Papa Lemon books….they teach our children the much needed important lessons of a morally grounded and spiritually rooted life.  Thank you Papa!

George Fraser, Author of “Success Runs in Our Race.”

I enjoyed the author that shared his vision with us. I felt Mr. Riley made writing sound easy but challenging.

Richard, Teacher, Edgewood Elementary (Brooklyn Park, MN)

It was great for our sixth graders to see a real author. He was very candid about what it’s been like for him to develop his books over the last few years. Thanks for setting this up!

Matt, Teacher, Edgewood Elementary (Brooklyn Park, MN)

I thought he was great. The kids were interested, are excited to read his books, and asked good questions. I thought he did a great job explaining how he got started and how history is tied to the books. Great African American male role model.

Janet, Teacher, Edgewood Elementary (Brooklyn Park, MN)

I thought he was great!

Carolyn, Teacher, Oak View Elementary School (Maple Grove, MN)

It was just great! The students were excited about it and some said they really wanted to write a book. It was very worthwhile and neat to see an author who may become very well known in the years to come.

Mory, Teacher, Oak View Elementary School (Maple Grove, MN)

It was great that the kids got to meet someone who is presently writing books. I like the fact that he brought articles that were inspirational or relevant to his writing. The kids had lots of questions to ask him. Thank you for arranging this.

Linda, Teacher, Oak View Elementary School (Maple Grove, MN)

From the Community

I recommend the Papa Lemon books to all kids, parents and grandparents.  Join Papa Lemon on his Magic Train and travel back in time on a joyous journey making family, culture and history come alive.  The author, Lehman Riley, has created books which grandparents, parents and kids should all read and enjoy together.

Mike Wood, Founder of LeapFrog Enterprises

Papa Lemon reminds us of the power of our imaginations to engage us personally.  The Magic Train becomes our vehicle into the lives and experiences of those who have come before us.  Now that I have traveled with the Little Wanderers in to 1963 America, I am anxious to go on another journey.  I recommend your series for schools, and other organizations and community programs, and Papa Lemon as a storyteller, not just for the Little Wanderers, but for all our children.

W. Toni Carter, Ramsey County Commissioner District 4

I love how the books tell a reality based story in such an engaging, child-friendly way.  I know that parents and caregivers are always looking for ‘teachable moments’ and these books fill that need.  In addition, these books are on-trend with today’s parents who are looking to place more emphasis on tradition and learning.

Lisa Mancuso, VP Marketing Fisher Price

I fully support your book series and find it to be a very innovative way to teach children about multi-cultural history while at the same time making it fun.  The use of grandparents as positive role models for the children emphasizes the importance of family and community that creates an additional level of depth that truly makes this a unique book and one worth reading.

Mayor R.T. Rybak, Minneapolis MN